Name: Gassed
Medium: Plaster
Date Made: 1939
Dimensions: 077*036*028
Mother Mourning Son 1 (maquette)
Mourning Mother with Dead Son
Mother Mourning Son 1 (maquette)
Martyrs, The
This work was created on the eve of the Second World War as a warning against the horrors of gas warfare experienced during World War One. A nude figure is holding its neck in a rigid grip, overcome by fumes and suffering in agony.  The greenish colouring of the plaster reinforces the victim’s torment. The work demonstrates the impact of German Expressionism on Wald since its practitioners often used the eroticism of the human body to expose the brutal reality of life. The sexual aspect of the human body only served as a reminder of man’s mortality and the erotic as a psychological anxiety.

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