Schitzophrenics, The  


Name: Schitzophrenics, The
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1962
Dimensions: 053*024*021
Cast: 2 of 6
Man and Woman
Man And Woman Plaque
See Saw
Embrace 1 (horizontal), The
Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden
Tete A Tete

Two featureless figures converge  geometrically, piercing each other’s torsos and holding their heads with their hands in a  posture of dread. From their heads to the base  they form a jagged line. They have no feet and thus cannot go anywhere. In the words of  Herman Wald  this  work: “ depicts the crazy mixed-up world of ours”  (… ) and  expresses also the contradiction of which humanity is made” and because of their inability to take decisions the “the zig-zag  of the whole conception expresses confusion….”  It was the period of the cold war when nuclear armaments of the super powers were in excess in ratio of  world populations they could annihilate.  

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