Man And Woman Plaque  


Name: Man And Woman Plaque
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1968
Dimensions: 050*050*008
Cast: 1 of 6
See Saw
Man and Woman
Embrace 1 (horizontal), The
Tete A Tete
Lovers 1, The
Lovers 3, The

The allegory of the man-woman union is a recurring theme in Wald’s later works. Here, the human figures of a man and woman in this ‘relief-like’ sculpture are reduced into circular and squarish forms. They are sexually indistinguishable, and have taken on each other’s bodily features. This work is a synthesis of masculine and feminine qualities, which is exalted as the root of all creation. It symbolises that the male and female principles are inseparable and the composite form conveys the unity of opposites.

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